From Body to Body to Bodies
Oct 31, 11:00 AM EDT – Nov 14, 5:00 PM EST
Canada Far-east Art Center, 1215 Greene Avenue, Tiohtià:ke/Montreal
From Body to Body to Bodies is an exhibition reflecting on the year 2020, bringing together 7 artists and 1 collective to interrogate the role of art in a time of crisis.


Exhibition: Excess and Compromise

Exhibition Tour:

Our team gathers information on new exhibitions and new art programs in the city and promotes regularly within our online community. From time to time, we organize exhibition tours.


Curatorial Project

What does the raw eye see? Before an exhibition's narrative overwhelms its visitors and the lines of sight become foreseeable, the gaze is blunt, fragmentary and free-roaming.


Together, we would experience and discuss before a unified decision is made. In this way, the sovereign gaze fades into opacity and curation builds itself from multiplicity.


Art Night


On December 21st, 2019, our very first art event in Montreal was held at Galerie MX.

A selection of Montreal contemporary artists' works including Michel T. Desroches, Patricia Barrowman, Keven Saint-Claire, Dominic Besner, Isabelle Tremblay and Carl Lessard were exhibited.



Petite Art Project


We present a series of petite art projects for our members to experiment with artworks and art theories on their own.

Time makes fossils of us all.