Our Team


Zike Wu


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Yao Xin


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Ariel Cheng


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Jacob Zhang


Curator, writer, and researcher. Currently works and lives in Berlin. Curator-in-residence at the 2nd Shanghai Curators Lab organized by the Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts and the Shanghai Biennale. 


Xuefei Cao


Curator, contributor, and scholar. Currently works at Conversazione. OCAT 2020 Research-based Curatorial Project finalist. Deepfocus and MOViE journalist. 


Edel Yang


Curator, writer, and scholar. Currently works in X Museum in Beijing. Translator at OCAT Institute. Curator and co-founder at Chenghuai Art and Culture Association. Researcher at the University of Chicago.


Our Story

Time is a city-based, non-profit organization that aims to promote art and foster community bonding.

Our team discovers and curates various art projects for city inhabitants to explore the art spaces in a city in creative ways.

Through our activities, we hope to build a third sense of public: the kind of public that comes into being through a shared moment of experiencing art.

Our Work


Dec   Silent Auction Art Night, Gallerie          MX


Feb    Gallery Tours

Mar    Participatory Curatorial Project

          Studio Visit

Aug    Exhibition Tours

          Petite Art Project

Sep    Artist Interview Series        

Nov    Exhibition: From Body to Body

          to Bodies, Canada Far-East Art             Center

          Artist Roundtable 


Feb    EveryBody Talks Project (to be              released)

Our Mission

Time is based in Montreal and Shanghai, with a focus on the overlap between time-space and artistic reality. 


Through exhibition tours, studio visits, participatory curatorial projects and petite art projects, we hope to build an art-based community and explore new affective relational formations.

"Time" is an umbrella term covering a multitude of possibilities: fossils and monuments, the mechanical clock, instantaneity and eternity.