Call for Submission: A Tribute to Year 2020.

In light of the sea changes over the past months of 2020, we are issuing a call for artworks for an exhibition dedicated to the year 2020, which is expected to take place in early November.

The working title of this exhibition "From Body to Body to Bodies," is taken from the poetic motto of the Documenta XI as a gesture of tribute and to guide our selection process. Our team aspires to carry on the curatorial mission of Jan Hoet: to relocate the perceptual corporeality that had been displaced by the digitalized world the center of attention. We seek to present a series of artworks that employ bodies as the primary medium and explore new affective, relational formations between individuals, peoples, and things.

In the time of crisis, we turn to art as a source of solace, introspection, and solidarity.

How have the new realities of the pandemic, environmental crisis, and political intensities forced us to develop to new ways of connection? How do we understand love, loss, and those inarticulate, pre-linguistic problems that exist on the margins of what can be represented? What can be performed by and through bodies? Here we hope the artworks to be actants—doing things for artists as much as for the rest of us, in acting to intercede, to entangle us, and to deliver a continuous entwining of being, space, and time.

Themes we are interested in include:

intimacy and connectivity

alternative relational formations

the space between the self and the other

The works may predate January 2020 but have taken on new significance in this changing world.

Send submissions (a digital copy of your work and CV) to, include with a subject line that starts with the word 2020 and clearly indicates the submission type (photography, sculpture, for example) and subject.

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