Every Body Talk

When talks about bodies, what comes to mind? Olivia Laing said it best: “the body is a source of pleasure and pain, at once hopelessly vulnerable and radiant with power.” The contemporary world is obsessed with the body. Fascinated by its flesh and silhouette, automized with immunity-as-defense mechanism, the body encounters its own crisis in an age in need of reflection and re-imagination.

“Every Body Talk” is a series of conversations that discusses the body and its related cultural terrains. It relies heavily on heartfelt stories to be told by artists, curators, designers, students...people from all walks of life.

Rather than casting ourselves into particular themes and mediums, we are opting for a listening process. The conversations will be documented and posted in various forms that befit the content.

What can be more powerful than stories—when addressing and rejoining the gaps and fissures between lived realities and representations, between individuals and collectives? Here we hope to turn the disjointed articulations into a continuous stream of meaning.

Our interviews will be available soon in both Mandarin and English on our website.