Is a Collective Curation Possible?

What does the raw eye see? Before an exhibition's narrative overwhelms its visitors and the lines of sight become foreseeable, the gaze is blunt, fragmentary and free-roaming.

In this project, we invite 6-8 participants from the local community to join a group of curators and artists on a 5-week journey. The group will visit 4-6 associated galleries and artists' studios and engage in an open conversation about the artworks.

(A list of galleries of our selection)

Together, we would experience and discuss before a unified decision is made. In this way, the sovereign gaze fades into opacity and curation builds itself from multiplicity.

The project is designed to explore a new mode of participatory art, which includes the public in the process of curation, letting them be co-curators, observers, and narrative-makers of the works.

The project will take place in April. Sign up to be participants now: email

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